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  1. As I was scrolling on instagram I came across this site from Amber Portwoods fan page. I have to say the clothes are absolutely cute and compared to other boutiques in my area the prices are amazing! Who says you can’t look cute for a good price! ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot wait to place my order.

    1. I think these clothes are absolutely cute as hell and for decent prices too i cant wait to order some for myself ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’– XoXo

  2. Everything is soo cute and fashionable and for such a great price! Can’t wait to start shopping! You are an amazing woman Amber, love your new store so much!

  3. I absolutely love the clothes!!! I have been sober for almost a year and my weight has been going up and down and I feel like I could fit into these clothes and feel confident and comfortable!!!! Amber has always been a positive influence for me and she gets what it means to try and loose all the “labels” people have for u when u have been an addict!!! Thank you Amber!!!!

  4. I’m a single mom of 3 and I Just ordered my first 2 items. Very reasonable prices and clothes are super cute! This won’t be my last time. I look forward to do lots more business here! Thanks so much Amber?

  5. I absolutely love the dresses maybe later you can come out with 4x I’m so tired of the clothing from torrid so I’m excited to buy some dresses here . Ur awesome amber!

  6. Just made my first order yesterday and I love love love everything. Can’t wait to place another order.. Also shared and my family and friend will be ordering soon as well. โค
    Thanks much,

  7. I finally found ur boutique I love the beautiful selection you offer of us more thick ladies finally some one to understand we wanna look good too thank you mama ! I wish you go far in ur new adventure in life

  8. These clothes are absolutely gorgeous. Amber you have done such an amazing job and have come so so far. I’m so proud of you! Keep going girl.!!

  9. Just ordered my first item and was super excited to check out the boutique- great stuff for low prices! Amber you have come a really long way and we all wish you the best. You have tons of supporters, forget the bored haters- we all have them lol. GOOD LUCK!!

  10. Have to tell you I LOVE your clothing! I am a “young” 46 mother of twin girls who are 25 and they LOVE your line also. On top of all that, my 63 year old mom has found some things she wants as well. Finances are extra right right now, but as soon as we can we will be placing an order! Great items and great prices!!!

  11. Love the clothes. Im having a style block right now and cant decide what I like but when i saw these items i loved them all. Go girl. Im proud of you.

  12. Chica!
    Presently surprised!
    Congratulations on your online boutique.
    Cant wait to fill up my shopping cart!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  13. I can’t believe how cute all your clothes are and at such great prices! You are so inspirational Amber! I am SO proud of all you have accomplished. You are such a great business woman, mother, person, don’t ever let anyone tell you different. You inspire everyone to try their best in life. Thank you for opening this beautiful online boutique. I wish you the best success.
    Ps. You have always been my favorite TM:) thank you for coming back to the show:) Leah is very lucky to have you as her Mom! You should should add a kids line when you have time. Keep up the great work, you should be very proud of yourself!!

  14. Dear Amber as promised I’m purchasing some nice clothes for myself. So proud of you hun and you’re growing to be a beautiful entrepreneur. Many hugs and strength for you my favorite Tmom. You’re Dutchy fan Marian ๐ŸŒน

  15. Love this site! It’s visually appealing and I love that the clothes serve so many different body types! One mistake most boutiques make is they will feature a variety of sizes but they don’t offer clothing for a variety of body types. Plus it’s super affordable on here!!! It’s so hard shopping for amazing styles as a plus size woman, nevermind the prices! Thank you so much Amber for the awesome selection!

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